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Chaos Alumni are all around

Did you know....there are 38 Chaos Alumni actively playing in college this year. Click on the school to follow many of them throughout the 2018/19 season!



Caela Abadie


Courtney Scarpato


Maggie Balint


Reva Alderman

Anna Steinmetz

Mariah Kondravey

Alicia Dellatore

Devon Steiner

Meg Wimmer

Alex Viscusi

Courtney Miller

Jess Fyock

Lauren Quense

Erin Stacevicz

Tara Klee

Taylor Long

Paulina Lowery

Emily Oltman

Meg Butts


Spenser Gray


Kaylee Hazewski


Jordan Weaver


Meg Stauffer

Jovanna Alfonsi

Alumni News

Mr & Mrs Wright

Chaos Alumni Melissa Robbins married Jay Wright 

on September 10, 2016

CHAOS Reunion Included:

Christine Philbin, Ally Homa,

Courtney Spina, Alicia DeSanto, Sam Jackson, Bernadette Moran, Kelly Fitzgerald,

Jim DeSanto, Joe Spina

Congrats to the bride and groom!

pictured right

it's a boy!

Chaos Alumni Kristie Spina-Scala 03' and her husband Robert Scala welcomed a son on August 31, 2016.

The baby boy is Coach Joe Spina's first grandson.

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