Caela Abadie '16                  St. Joseph's University

Mary Adam                           Cabrini College

Reva Alderman '16                Lehigh University

Jovanna Alfonsi '16                Philadelphia University

Cari Anderson                        Iona College

Haylei Archer ‘20                   Cal Berkeley

Rachel Arner '19                     East Stroudsburg Univ.

Maggie Balint '16                    University of Oregon

Ameenah Ballenger ‘20          University of Maryland ES

Lexi Barnhart ‘20                   Washington College

Abby Block                             Shippensburg University

Audrey Braeunig                   Albright College

Marisa Browne '18                 Drexel University

Antonia Browning '18            Monmouth University

Megan Butts '16                     New Haven

Amanda Cellucci                   Albright College

Natalie Cellucci                     Albright College

Steph Connelly                     Widener University

Brianna Coyle ‘20                  UMass Lowell

Lilia Crouthamel '18               Penn State University

Alyshia Dellatore '14              University of Delaware

Alicia DeSanto                       Monmouth University

Reyna DeJesus '17                University of Delaware

Jen DiCandilo                        Haverford College

Caitlin Donnelly ‘20               Shepherd University

Aimee Drumheller                 Arcadia University

Hannah Edwards '16             University of Pittsburgh

Sammy Esque                        Post University

Missy Fetters                          Immaculata College

Maddie Fife '19                       St. Joseph's University

Kelly Fitzgerald                      Millersville University

Kylie Flagler '17                      Coppin State University

Jill Freese '12                          Monmouth University

Jess Fyock '15                        West Chester University

Kate Gallagher                       Ursinus College

Kristen Gallagher                   Ursinus College

Victoria Galvan '17                 South Carolina University

Melissa George                     Ursinus College

Kate Gibson                           Albright College

Reagan Goldsmith ‘20           Juniata College

Marisa Govan '17                   East Stroudsburg University

Spenser Gray '16                   UNC Charlotte

Kylee Harvey '17                    Sacred Heart University

Kaylee Hazewski '16             East Stroudsburg University

Megan Herka ‘20                   Rutgers University

Kaitlin Hoffman '18                Fairfield University

Ally Homa                              Millersville University

Alexa Hopper ‘20                  East Stroudsburg University

Lindsey Hunt '19                    Drexel University

Cailee Isaacs '13                    University of Delaware

Grace Jackson ‘20                Princeton University

Sam Jackson                         Millersville University

Chelsea Kendall                    Shippensburg University

Jackie Keifer                         University of the Sciences

Nicole Klass ‘20                     East Stroudsburg University

Tara Klee '13                          UMass

Mariah Kondravy '14             University of Delaware

Janet Koskinen                     University of Scranton

Caroline Kruger '17               Sacred Heart University

Ali LaRosa '17                        West Chester University

Mackenzie Lewis '17            East Stroudsburg University

Maddie Little '19                   LaSalle University

Paige Lloyd                           Siena College

Taylor Long '15                      Franklin & Marshall

Devyn Losco '17                    Hofstra University

Paulina Lowery '16                University of the Sciences

Mary Magee                          University of DE

Nickole Mann                        Kutztown University

Amanda Martinenza             DeSales University

Eve Massa                             Dickinson University

Jackie McBride                     LaSalle University

Amanda McCann                  University of MD

Erin McCloskey                     Drexel University

Delaney McDilda ‘20             Campbell University

Kelly McLaughlin ‘20            Florida Tech

Mary Messner                       Neumann College

Mallory Meyer                       Widener University

Loran Mihaliak                      Delaware Valley College

Courtney Miller                     Iona College

Bernadette Moran                St. Joseph's University

Emily Moran                          LaSalle University

Krista Morrone                      Rider University

Brigette Nordberg '16           University of Maryland

Becky Notte '12                     Messiah College

Lizzy Odren                           Lehigh University

Emily Oltman '16                    Rider University

Maddie Penta ‘20                 Auburn University

Mikayla Pourby '18                East Stroudsburg University

Lauren Quense '13                Fordham University

Katie Reagan ‘20                   University of Pennsylvania

Gina Ricci                              Penn State Altoona

Melissa Robbins                   Temple University

Julia Roman '18                     Drexel University

Melissa Ruf                           St. Joseph's University

Courtney Scarpato '15          Hofstra University

Lauren Scarpato '14              West Chester University

Bria Scheb                            West Chester University

Gianna Schick ‘20                Manhattanville College

Christine Schlichter              Temple University

Lauren Schmucker               University of the Sciences

Jamie Schmucker                 Widener University

Jordan Sell '19                       MIT

Delani Sheehan ‘20              University of Delaware

Sydney Skrzypiec ‘20            Lock Haven University

Kim Smith '12                         Hofstra University

Hannah Solge ‘20                 Washington College

Courtney Spina                     University of the Sciences

Nicole Spina                          Neumann College

Erin Stacevicz '15                   UMass

Meg Stauffer '16                     Monmouth University

Devon Steiner '14                   Coastal Carolina

Ashley Steiner ‘20                 LaSalle University

Anna Steinmetz '15                University of Delaware

Sara Sullivan ‘20                   Ursinus College

Carolyn Szymanski '13           University of Delaware

Jen Taggart                            Cabrini College

Sarah Thomas                        East Stroudsburg University

Julia Thuer ‘20                       Monmouth University

Sam Tomassetti '16                Monmouth University

Elayna Tsiouplis '18                Brown University

Jordan Whitley                       Rutgers University

Meg Wimmer '15                    Brown University

Crissy Wontroba                    East Stroudsburg University

Lexi Wright '18                        East Stroudsburg University

Alex Viscusi '15                       Princeton University

Tayler Vitola ‘20                    UNC Wilmington

Jordan Weaver '16                 Mount St Mary's

Sarah Yoos '12                       St. Joseph's University

Chaos Alumni

Lauren Quense '13 

Fordham University

Carolyn Szymanski '13 

University of Delaware


Kim Smith '12

Hofstra University

Jordan Whitley

Rutgers University

Sarah Yoos '12

St Joe's University

Jill Freese '12

Monmouth University

Courtney Spina

University of the Sciences

Tara Klee '13


Amanda McCann

University of Maryland

Anna Steinmetz '15

University of Delaware

Alicia DeSanto

Monmouth University

Mariah Kondravy '14

University of Delaware

For those of you that came before us..................we thank you!

Please email us and let us know if there are additions or corrections to our alumni list. We have tried to be as accurate as possible, if we left anyone out it was an oversight.